Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting

Do you need help building your brand on Instagram? Are you thinking about becoming a Blogger? Are you struggling to gain followers, likes, income or simply just don’t know where to start? Well, I’m here to help!!!! Social Media has become a business that allows us to generate our own income and gain massive followers, if you do it right!
          I’ve been on  Social Media since 2013 and over the years I have organically grew my Instagram account to 22,150 followers and my Blog has over 1,000 subscribers. I have grown my brand into a Money making social media business.  That’s right! You can earn money on Social Media just by posting super dope content!!! On one particular month I brought home $4,000 just from Social Media. The question I get asked a lot is how did I do it? Well, this is where my Social Media Consulting 1:1 workshop comes into play. The number one thing to remember is consistency is KEY! So let’s get started today!

“Let me take your Social Media platform to the next level!”

What I offer: 1 Month of…….

- One on One consultation where I’ll go over your social media, outline what you already have and come up with a plan for the month.

- Teach you how to make Money as an Influencer/Blogger.

- How to gain more followers organically.

- How to Take, Edit your own pictures!

-How to create a Theme on your Instagram page.

- How to stay consistent with your post.

-How to engage with your followers.

- How to Work with Brands, pitch yourself to them and receive free products or get paid to Post them.

- How to create a Media Kit

- Understanding the Importance of Insights and your analytics page.

If you’re interested in booking me, email me today so we can discuss quote setup your first consultation!


“Let’s take your Social Media to the next level!”

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