About Me

Welcome to my Blog! To all my loyal followers who have been with me since I started my blog in 2011, I’m back!!! To my new followers who have recently joined me, welcome to my new and improved Blog. My blog is all about “The Lifestyle” my everyday lifestyle. You will find daily post about fashion, art, music, relationship advice and so much more. We all face every day struggles and I want to be a part of helping others to get through it smoothly based on my experiences and lessons I have learned along the years. I want to not only share with you my daily lifestyle advice and tips, but to also share with you experiences in my life that I have faced.

A little bit about me:

        I am a Graduate from The Art Institute of Charlotte, class of 2014. I have my BA in Fashion Merchandise and Management. I have worked in the Supply Chain Industry as a Buyer, Merchandiser, Planner, and Inventory Analyst. I have gained experience along the way and developed skills that have allowed me to grow and enhance my career. On the way to becoming a successful blogger I stopped posting due to “Life Challenges”. I had to focus on my career and take care of myself. The longer I stayed away from blogging the more I missed it. Over time my life has allowed me to once again pursue my passion. I have learned so much, grew so much, witnessed death in my family, had my heart broken, fell in love, and changed my hair style over and over and over again lol!


Regardless of the fact, I have returned back to what I love and truly enjoy doing, and that’s Blogging!

I hope you enjoy my blog and gain information that can help you in your daily lifestyle....


-Angie’s Lifestyle 101




  1. I freaking love your blogging site girl, so glad you returned doing something you love babe!

    1. Aww!!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the love and support <3


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