Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Take Back Your Beauty

Review on Body Complete Rx


Hi Readers,


Welcome back to another blog post! I have had such a busy couple of weeks that I haven’t been able to get to a new blog post until today. I feel this is the best time to share a new blog entry because today’s post is all about Body Positive vibes. I love to share posts like these because society makes us feel like we have to be “Perfect” and the reality is none of us are.

  Take back your Beauty & your body: In my most recent Instagram post I shared with my followers a topic I felt was important to touch on, and that’s the idea that a perfect body exists.


One of the hardest things about being a woman is dealing with the stigma around our bodies. The world wants us to be a perfect size, small waist, big butt, no stretch marks, and 4 pack abs. Well, the truth is all bodies are beautiful. There is no such thing as the perfect body because you’re always going to find something on your body that you want to improve. Sometimes we have to just look in the mirror and accept who we are as a person, body, and soul. If we do this we’re already starting on a path to a healthy lifestyle.


            It’s time we take back our bodies and define what our standards of beauty truly are. Regardless if you’re a size 12 or a size 4 we should start supporting each other as women because just like our weight fluctuates so does the “Trend” of a perfect body. This starts by creating a routine that works for you. I have a routine that I stick to every morning and it works for me and my body. Each morning I go for a light run and come back home and do 20 minutes of workouts, and after I drink my Body Complete Protein shake. One of the reasons why I love this shake is because it tastes good; it restores my energy and rebuilds my muscles I worked on for the morning. I already can see a result of what my routine is doing for my body. The other benefit about this kit is it’s vegan, plant-based, and comes with other supplements like the drops and capsules to boost your energy and curb unhealthy cravings.


Try out the Body Complete Kit and see how you can improve your morning routine.

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