Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Working from Home

How to Be Productive in the Comfort of your Home

Hi Readers,

              Welcome back to another blog post. As we all know the world is facing a Pandemic from the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. During this time, it’s very important to stay home and stay away from big groups of 10 or more. If you must go to work always be sure to follow the guidelines of the health officials.  My heart goes out to everyone that is required to still go to work. I’m so appreciative of all the Doctors, Nurses, Store Clerks, Warehouse workers, Postal Workers, and many more. This is a challenging time and it’s important to show compassion and appreciation to everyone on the front line. They are the true heroes of this world.

              For many of you like myself, my job has closed and restricted us to work from home until further notice. I typically work from home two days out the week but after the COVID-19 outbreak we’re working full time from home. If this is your first time having to work remote you may face some challenges that you wouldn’t typically have if you were in the office. One of the biggest challenges is staying productive. It’s important to realize that regardless of where you’re working that you stay productive and make sure you’re getting your work done.

I’ve put together a list on how I stay productive and how I plan out my day from the house.

Get Dressed….
This is probably one of my favorite things to do when I’m working from home. Each morning I have a routine I follow to get myself up and ready to start my day. I find having a routine helps me stay productive. I’ll wash up, fix my hair and even throw on minimal makeup just to feel good. When it comes to my wardrobe, I typically switch it up depending on how I’m feeling. I always make it a mission to take off what I wore that night and change into my “Good PJs” or I’ll throw on comfortable jogger set. By no means do I think you should dress up all the time. I just believe that whatever you wear make sure you put effort into it.

Set a Schedule…..

One of the greatest things about being a remote worker is that you can set a schedule that works for you. If you’re a morning person, you can start your day early. If you’re more of a night owl, you can begin working later. Just remember, once you set a schedule, you need to stick with it in order to get your work done. Create a schedule that will allow you to get the most done with as few interruptions as possible. Don’t forget to include appointments, meetings, and allow some time for unexpected situations to arise. That way, you won’t become frazzled when the unexpected happens.

Create a Designated Workspace….

When you set up a space that is specifically for your work and nothing else, it is a lot easier to get work done because you won’t have a lot of distractions around you. Find a room in your home that is not used for other purposes and turn that into your office. Of course, you always have the freedom to switch it up occasionally and create a new and different workspace to keep you focused.

Following some of these steps can make your workday productive and much more easier during this time we are all stuck in the house. Please be safe and stay inside as much as you can. This Worldwide outbreak will end and we'll be stronger than ever.

As always, thank you for reading!

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