Monday, September 9, 2019

How I Put My Sleepy Baby To Sleep
Featuring Ergo Pouch

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            Welcome back to another blog post! From the tittle I’ll be talking about how I put my sleepy baby to sleep. Let’s face it we all struggle with getting a sleep baby to stay asleep through the night. I know I have had a challenge sticking to a routine that helped lay my baby to bed. I found my number one issue was the routine and sticking to it. So I’m going to get into how sticking to a routine helped me finally get my baby boy to sleep through the entire night!
Ergo Pouch – The Perfect Swaddle + Sleep Bag
            This 2 in 1 transitional system is so perfect for Mason when he sleeps because it’s breathable, hip friendly, and even has a room thermometer included to adjust. The sleep bag has a bell shape at the end of it to help with leg room and space to wiggle around without feeling too constricted. When my baby wears this he sleeps very good through the night.
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Warm Bath           
            I started off giving my baby a bath at least twice a week and now I have transitioned to doing it every night because a warm bath not only makes your baby very sleepy but it relaxes them. I find giving them a bath right before bed time really helps him get in the mindset that it’s time to lay down.

Warm Bottle
            Right after bath time is when I give my baby his last feeding so I’ll have the bottle warmed up and take him in his room with lights completely out. This sets the mood for your baby and his tummy is full and warm. If you are breast feeding you don’t have to worry because your breast milk is usually at the temperature it needs to be to comfort your baby.

White Noise
            Listen!!! This is probably the best invention made for man. The white noise music relaxes your baby and will put him right to sleep. I just tried this by searching it on Youtube. I played a song while I fed him and I’m telling you in minutes he was knocked out! Trust me play this every night and your baby will sleep through the night.

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