Friday, August 9, 2019

Why Babies Love Bath Time
What to Expect

Hi Readers,

                Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday. Today I want to talk about the reality of bath time. Let’s be honest bathing your baby is probably one of the most exciting and nerve racking things to do. This is because they are constantly moving around and you have to hold them the entire time while using the other hand to wash. It can be a bit tricky if you don’t have all your items you need next to you. The reality is that all babies are different. Some babies love the water while others hate it. So I’m sharing this post to help the new mommies understand what to expect.    
                Sing While You Soap. For a baby, the simple act of bathing is a big sensory experience. Add a song and some silly (or soothing) sounds and you've got yourself a bath time hit. Don't be shy, unleash your inner songstress and sing a mashup of made-for-the-tub tunes. Your baby will love it (even if you're totally off-key), and you'll expand her music and language skills.
                Tickle his/her Senses. Bath time is a great opportunity to tickle your little one's senses. Your baby will get a kick out of touching different textures like a bath sponge, a wet washcloth, a dry towel and shaving cream. When he/she is able to grasp large objects  you can hand him/or her different sized sponges and washcloths for her to play with. This will keep your baby busy and enjoying bath time.
                Break Out The Toys. There are so many bath time toys that it'll be easy to find ones your baby will like. The best ones add to bath time fun by building a baby's skills. Rubber ducks and other water-loving creatures encourage imaginary play; plastic cups and sieves teach your child about filling and pouring; and letters and numbers that stick to tub tiles introduce her to ABCs and 123s. The earlier you start the better it will be for your baby when he/or she gets older.
                He/or She will be ready for Bed. Putting your baby to sleep right after his/or her bath is probably the best kept secret to motherhood. Babies tend to get sleepy after a warm bath and putting them to bed is a lot easier. Make sure you feed him and change his diaper once before bath time so when he/she gets out its lights out.

                The point is to make bath time fun for not just the baby but for you too! Overtime you will be a pro at this! I’m still learning too.  

I hope you enjoyed reading and these tips help you for your next bath time with your baby.


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