Friday, July 19, 2019

The Truth Behind Motherhood
Losing the Weight & Dealing with Postpartum Depression

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            Today I wanted to touch on an important topic that I feel we either brush under the rug or no one seems to ever want to talk about. The topic I'm touching on today is the truth behind motherhood, and why it’s important that we start the conversation.
            As you all may know I just recently gave birth to my newborn baby Mason Artis. He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t stop staring at him! It really is true about what they say when you have your baby, the love and bond is so strong. Today marks my 3 weeks post baby and I want to talk about what I have learned, experienced, and seen firsthand so far in motherhood. This journey has not been easy but it has been such a great learning experience.

Weight Loss

            This is probably the number one question I’ve gotten asked since I had my son. First and foremost, everybody is different. For my weight loss journey I had a few factors that helped me lose a lot of my weight. The day I left the hospital I was 210 pounds and today I am now 175 pounds. I lost a total of 35 pounds in 3 weeks! Now let me explain to you how I lost those 35 pounds.
            During my labor I had to have an emergency C-section because my cervix wasn’t opening and my baby’s heart rate dropped. In surgery I had to be pumped with so much fluid in my body that my legs, feet, and hands were completely swollen. When I left the hospital 4 days later they were still swollen, I had an extra 10-15 pounds on me from fluid alone. After about two weeks the swelling went completely down. So a lot of my weight was from them pumping me with fluid and the weight I gained during pregnancy.
            The biggest thing that I did that probably helped me lose a lot of weight is what I ate before and after giving birth. I ate pretty well during my pregnancy. I had a few splurging moments and ice cream runs, but for the most part I ate very clean. After giving birth I completely cut out sugar and drank a lot of water, greens, fish and chicken. Doing this made a difference in my weight and in my appearance.
            Another factor, which I think is the second biggest thing is your body type. I have a natural athletic body so after my baby my body quickly transformed back to what it was before. I still have a little pudge and extra skin left but my body naturally bounce back on its own. I have not worked out at all and won’t until my six week check-up. So that goes to tell you that our body will naturally do it on its own at its own time.
Postpartum Depression
            Postpartum Depression is very real and if you have been faced with it you understand how serious it is. So what is postpartum depression? It is depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically arising from the combination of hormonal changes psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue. In other words this comes from changes physically and mentally. Understanding this will help you determine if you need to talk to someone or you know someone else that does. Depression doesn’t make you weak, only ignoring it will. It’s so important that we talk about it to our loved ones, friends, or doctor. By talking to someone about what you’re going through allows you to heal and express your feelings.
            Other ways to beat postpartum depression is by saying yes to help. We all want to be the best mother to our child and play the superwoman role, but it’s totally ok to also get help. If you have one, your partner should be helping you by making it a team effort. This makes bonding extra special with both you and your partner. Regardless of who it might be don’t ever feel like you have to do it all on your own.

            Motherhood will be challenging but also very rewarding so enjoy every moment of it while you can!

Thank you for reading,

Xoxo Angie

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