Saturday, May 18, 2019

Review On My Stay At The
Unscripted Hotel in Durham

Hi Readers,
                Happy Saturday to everyone! Today’s post is all about my stay at the Unscripted Hotel in Durham, NC. I had the opportunity to stay here over the weekend and I must say I truly enjoyed myself. From the warm hospitality from the entire staff to the beautiful layouts throughout the entire hotel I must say it was a pleasure to stay here. As a blogger it’s important to me to give honest reviews on my stay at different locations and as a person who loves to travel I expect to get the same in return. So I’m giving you all a few of my top things I enjoyed the most about my stay at the Unscripted Hotel. If you like what you read be sure to book a stay with them and find out what I’m talking about! You won’t regret it!

My favorite parts of my stay at The Unscripted Hotel

#1 The Rooms Are Amazing – Slept Like a Baby
                When I stay the night somewhere the number one thing on my list is how comfortable the rooms are, preferably the bed. Anyone that travels overnight wants to feel like they’re home. Well I have to say the beds at the Unscripted Hotel left me sleeping like a baby. The bed was so comfortable and the sheets were crisp and warm. If you are looking to get a good night’s sleep I would highly recommend staying here.

#2 The Food Left My mouth Watering!!!
        You guys know I love me some good food! Well I’m here to tell you that the menu at the Unscripted Hotel will not disappoint you. Yesterday I tried out the Patio Burger and it was amazing! The burger was juicy, cooked at the right temperature and served with a side of fries. I recommend trying this one out.

#3 The Studio was relaxing..
As a blogger I’m constantly working and on my laptop, so finding a good place to lounge and get work done in a peaceful environment is a must.  The Studio on the 2nd floor of the Unscripted Hotel is very spacious and features a coffee shop by day, wine bar by night where they serve a variety of food and beverages. What I loved the most about this area is was the design and layout. 

#4 The Patio has the best view of the city!!
I have to say the Patio is probably the best part about this hotel. The Unscripted Hotel is actually the only hotel in Durham that has a pool on the roof top. Now if that isn’t a reason to go check them out I don’t know what is? The view of the city while taking a dip in the pool leaves you feeling so relaxed. I recommend visiting the patio on weekends, that's typically when they have a DJ playing during events.

To book your stay check out the website below

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