Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pregnancy Fashion Tips
How to Slay in Your Third Trimester

Hi Readers,
                Welcome back to my blog! So I’m officially going into the home stretch now and I want to share with my pregnant mommy’s or fashionistas preparing for motherhood on how you can still look good during your pregnancy.  Each trimester is a new stage of your pregnancy and along with that comes the weight gain and the discomfort. I want to share some tips on how I managed to get through them all by simply following these simple rules…
1 Slip into Something More Comfortable…..
              For me that is cotton dresses, or loose flowy ones that give me room and my growing belly bump. Third trimester is the best time to wear a dress because it’s probably the only thing that fits and easy to grow on!  Try to dress it up with a light blazar or cardigan if it gets chilly.

2 Oversized Over Everything!!!
This is a definite must during your third trimester! Since you gain the most weight in your last trimester, grabbing a couple sizes up won’t hurt. I’m not a fan of maternity clothes so I either buy my clothes a few sizes up in size or I’m stealing my finances clothes for the day! I would recommend pairing an oversized blouse or t-shirt with some leggings or a comfortable skirt for night outs.
3 Think Above the Belt…
An amazing way to give your outfits some shape – especially in your third trimester – is by choosing an empire line dress or top. This will give your body definition from under your bust and allow fabric to drape loosely over your bump. Wrap dresses work too – just tie them a little higher up and be sure to choose a length that accommodates your growing belly.

4 Pick Your Print!
      Getting dressed when your pregnant doesn’t have to mean losing all sense of your personal style. If you’re the type who loves color and print, roll with it! All-over prints are a really nice option if you want to add some punch to a super simple silhouette, especially when worn with sneakers.

5 Get Into Layers….
            If you’re in the third trimester and going through the “Is she pregnant definitely” phase, working with your new proportions creates definition. Try wearing skirts or loose-fitting trousers higher than usual, and balance out the silhouette with fun details on your top half, like ruffles or an interesting neckline.

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Thank you again for reading

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