Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Latest Fashion Trend During Pregnancy
High Waist Skirts

Hello Readers,

                Welcome back to another blog post. Today I’m going to be talking about a fashion trend I have been loving during my pregnancy.  A lot of women feel they can’t dress up because of the size they are now, but I’m here to tell you that you still can. It’s important to understand your body at all stages of your pregnancy. What I mean by that is learning what fits you the best and what’s comfortable. I found comfort in a few items in my closet but today I want to share with you the one that works for me the best and leaves me feeling stylish.

                High Waist Skirts! Yes, that’s right pregnant women can still get away with wearing them. Of course you want to consider the material first. I found that cotton material skirts are the best because it’s light weight and gives you breathing room to work with. The best part is you can wear them high up above your stomach to give you room for your growing belly.

                Embrace your new body. This is such a beautiful time during your life that we often get caught up in the downside of pregnancy, like the aches and pains. But, if you focus on the beauty of it you will fly through your pregnancy feeling great. As a fashion blogger I love Fashion and I had to learn quickly that things change with our growing belly, but it doesn’t stop the show. So the next time you’re thinking about what you should wear or pulling out that skirt in your closet, go for it!! Study shows that dressing up during pregnancy gives you a glow and makes you happy which in return makes your baby happy!

Check out below my look on how I styled my high waist skirt with my growing belly.

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