Friday, April 12, 2019

My Maternity Shoot
By: Elsa Sainz Photography

Hello Readers,

I can’t help but to be emotional right now so please bear with me as I pour my heart out. A year ago I remember dreaming about doing a maternity shoot that captured my true essence of motherhood, not just the beauty of the “pregnancy glow” but the emotions I felt running through my heart while the shot was being captured. 
I have always wanted to be a mother. Ever since I was a little girl playing with baby dolls I always played the mother role. My older sister grew out of it quickly but me I kept playing for as long as my childhood would let me! Growing into the Woman I am today took work, time and patience (just ask my mother) but I never gave up on myself or my vision. No matter what, I kept pushing through every door that ever closed on me! I went for what I wanted in school, I took control of my career, and took the biggest risk of starting my own business. I knew that if I wanted to be successful I had to do it on my own and never give up when it gets tough. A year ago I remember that very toughness was tested. On a day that pray to never relive I found myself crying my eyes out for days and shutting down completely after my loss. I blamed myself and myself alone! However, God had other plans for me. He placed people in my life that reminded me who I am and that pain doesn’t last forever. So I grew and learned to never let pain stop me. Pain is and will always be a blessing to me because if I don’t go through it I won’t grow.
Well, today, I can say with a full heart and tears in my eye that I am pain free and so happy for the life I have inside of me. These photos are more than just a picture. They are a reminder to me and all women that We Are Strong!! We Are Brave!!! We Are Fearless!!
…..And We can do what no other gender can, grow a Life!
So for that and that alone I’m thankful.

Check out some my photo shoot below!

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey!


  1. The last photo in the navy dress is my fave. You’re so radiant ❤️ Mason you are loved so much already 🥰🥰


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