Sunday, December 9, 2018

It’s A Snow Day
The To-Do-List
Indoor & Outdoor Fun

Hi Readers,
                If you live in North Carolina then you are experiencing the snow in full affect. I for one am so excited we are finally getting some snow! As a kid we all enjoyed the snow, but you can still enjoy it as an adult too. Well at least if you are a snow lover like myself who is a big kid at heart. With the temperature dropping and some areas will be experiencing heavy snow falls I wanted to share a to-do-list for those staying in or going out. This list involves fun activities and lots of relaxation. I mean why not make the most of a snow day? The snow won’t last forever but you can enjoy it while it’s here….

Indoor To-Do-List
#1 DIY Face Mask, turn your home into a spa and relax
#2 Netflix & Chill, seriously… catch a movie or show to binge watch and chill on the couch or in bed.
#3 Make some hot chocolate, & don’t forget to add the Marshmallow’s!
#4 Make a Snow Day meal to last you for the entire day and night

Outdoor To-Do-List
#1 Go Sledding! Get a sled, make a sled out of cardboard, and just go!
#2 Build a snowman. Roll some balls, big or small. Build a snowman with friends or family. Find rocks for eyes, twigs for arms, and wrap him up warm with a hat and scarf!
#3 Have a snowball fight!
#4 Stay bundled and warm, layer, layer, layer!

Love this post? Comment below….
& share with me what you did on your Snow Day!

Xoxo, Angie


  1. Finished my Christmas cards, wash some rugs and will binge on TV and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate....

    1. That sounds relaxing and yummy! I just had my second one for the day :)


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