Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thrifty Thursday

5 Ways to Find the Best Pieces Shopping Thrift


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If you’re debating whether or not you will find quality and trendy pieces at the thrift store think no further. You can score great pieces at affordable prices while doing your part to help your community and decrease your own environmental impact. However it is important to understand how to shop in a thrift store. Secondhand clothes don’t always make you look the best so it’s important to understand what to look for. By ensuring that you select quality pieces and take proper care, you can fool anyone into thinking that you bought your outfit at the mall.

I really love the fact that thrift and secondhand shopping is becoming more popular across the fashion board. It means that shoppers are becoming a little more conscious of how and where they spend their money, while acknowledging that clothes don’t necessarily lose their value just because they were pre-loved. Use my tips below and you’ll always find the best quality pieces no matter how much it cost.


Shop in the Right Area

One of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck while thrift shopping is to make sure that you scope out an affluent area. Affluent areas mean affluent people, which increases the chances of finding quality goods, big-name labels, and better fabrics.


Hunt for Quality Brands and Fabrics

Due to low prices of thrift stores, it can be tempting to fill up your cart with impulse purchases. I know I have done this exact thing in the past. But before you buy that polyester pantsuit, remember that in the long run, high quality clothes always look better than cheaper fabrics.


Shop According to Trends

Head to a mainstream retailer and take note of what’s trending. Do you see ton of leopard print? Is everyone going with layered accessories? How about leather embellishments? Then, head to the secondhand or thrift store and start looking for items that embody those trends. The point is, fashion is cyclical. You might find a vintage leopard-print belt that is years old, but totally current for the season.


Get a Tailor

If I could give one piece of advice for always shopping thrift, it’s make friends with a tailor. Not all secondhand clothes are going to fit like a glove, but it’s hard to pass up a designer deal. Therefore, you can make that amazing J. Crew blazer fit perfectly by handing it off to a tailor. You can even go as far as asking a tailor to swap out outdated buttons or tighten loose seams for a small fee. For the price of the item it’s TOTALLY worth it!


Know What to Avoid

There are a few things that smart thrift shoppers pass over because they’ll always look cheap or clearly worn. By knowing what you should avoid when shopping, you won’t get stuck with a garment that is completely unwearable or a dead giveaway that it’s worn.

                X  Damaged Clothes

                X  Clothes with Stains

                X  Clothes with Heavy Embellishments

                X  Faded Clothes


Check out my look below. I paired my outfit with a winter coat I picked up at the consignment store.




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