Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday Fashion Confession

I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Make A Darker Color


Hi Readers,

                Let’s face it, the majority of my wardrobe is black clothing. I mean who doesn’t have at least a couple of black items in the closet that can go with just about anything? Is there really any color that truly embodies style and sophistication other than black? I didn’t think so either. The most stress-free and simple way to put together an outfit whether you’re rushing to class, working in the morning, or running late to your dinner plans, you can always count on the color black to get you out the door. An outfit composed of a pair of black jeans and a black top or sweater with black boots is perfect for almost any occasion.   

                I have put together three reasons why I believe wearing black is the best fashion decision you will ever make. Keep reading to find out……


Easy Transition from Day to Night

Of course, certain types of garments are most suited for certain occasions and different times of the day. However, all black outfits are the most versatile in this department. While I’m not suggesting that it is necessarily socially acceptable to wear a cocktail dress to class or to wear denim cutoff shorts to a fancy restaurant just because these pieces happen to be black, there is more leeway with an all-black ensemble. Whether you are slightly “underdressed” or “overdressed” for a certain event, an all-black mitigates the formality of your outfit. This color always has you covered.


No Stains (For all my Clumsy Friends)

Nothing is worse than spilling some coffee or food on one of your favorite dresses or pair of jeans. Well, that’s is, if you’re not wearing black. Arguably one of the best reasons to wear black is so you never have to worry about stains again. Sometimes wearing all black feels life-changing purely for this reason.


It’s Slimming

Need I say more? But seriously, it is always a great feeling to have outfits that make your overall presence seem more sleek and streamlined. While, of course, everyone’s body looks great just the way it is, leaning out and lengthening your looks always feel empowering. This way of dressing instantly makes you look trim and timeless.



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Xoxo, Angie

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