Monday, November 5, 2018

Fashion Confession:

Coming Down with the Monday’s?

A dose of Fashion will do the trick



Hi readers,

                Are you coming down with the Monday’s? We all heard the saying, Monday is the first day of the week and a reminder that the weekend has left us high and dry. Now Monday’s aren’t the same for everyone, but I think they are universally seen as the worst day of the week in most people’s mind. For the simple fact that they have to work the entire week before they see another weekend. However you may feel about Monday, try to make the best of it. Why not start with your wardrobe? Now of course this doesn’t mean that your outfit will make you feel 100% better but it’s a start. The most important thing is how you feel about yourself inside. Your outside will automatically sync.

                Start your Monday off with a positive outlook and everything else will fall into place. The one thing I love about the weekend verses Monday, is that I can really experiment with my wardrobe and wear things I wouldn’t necessarily wear to work. Majority of my post are done on weekends because I feel free to wear whatever I like. So coming in on Monday I feel accomplished, satisfied, and ready to start the week.


Check out my OOTD look below. I spiced up my look with blonde hair and tint of yellow in my wardrobe. Right now I’m all about layering this fall. So check out my look and comment below what you think.

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Xoxo, Angie

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