Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Top 3 Favorite Retail Stores:
The Deals You Didn’t Know About!

Hi Readers,

                I’m here to share with my readers some of my favorite retail stores that I love to shop at the most. I do majority of my shopping online, but sometimes I don’t mind walking into a storefront to shop. My favorite stores I shop for apparel are Dolls Kill, Fashion Nova, and Target. Their are many reasons why I selected these stores, but here are my top three: Longevity, Affordable, and Unique. 
Let’s break it down further!

Longevity: Target

                First of all, who doesn’t love Target? Target is the store to go to when you’re in any mood. You don’t even need a real reason to be at Target, you can just wander around and no one will judge you because they are probably doing the same thing. What’s even better about Target now is the apparel section. I mean they have every style you need, from work-wear, casual, trendy, and sportswear. You can completely change up your entire look in this store. So if you are deciding on your way home should I stop at Target, the answer is “YES”.

Affordable: Fashion Nova

            Let’s be honest, who hasn’t seen a Fashion Nova post on Instagram? Everyone is buying from online retailer "Fashion Nova" because of how affordable the product is. Fashion Nova carries casual-wear, evening-wear, club-wear, shoes and accessories. One of the best things this store has to offer is the items can be found on big name celebrities. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, everyone can shop here.

  Unique: Dolls Kill

                Dolls Kill is my number one favorite online websites to shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories. They cater to so many different styles and have unique merchandise you can’t find anywhere else. Their model “dolls” is such a clever way to allow customers to shop an entire wardrobe centered on a specific style. The item I love the most from Dolls Kill would have to be the platform boots. They are a real show stopper, literally! I recommend everyone check them out.

Shop today using these coupon codes I provided below

Fashion Nova 30% Off Coupon:

Dolls Kill 15%  Coupon

Code: Shoddyscult

 Check out my look

Leather Jacket: Target
White Dress: Fashion Nova
Platform Boots: Dolls Kill

Thanks for reading

Xoxo Angie

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