Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Never Give Up….

….On Yourself

5 Steps to follow



Hi Readers,


So today I just want to share my opinion on a topic that I feel is important to touch on. This topic is about not giving up on YOURSELF. Everyday each of us face new challenges in our lives that test our inner strength. Whether it be in our career, relationships, or health, we all face the same obstacle. The most important thing to understand is how do we deal with these obstacles in our lives? Do we fight? Do we run? Or do we give up? Well I am here to share with all my readers 5 steps to follow on how to Never Give Up.


Step 1 Build Your Confidence….

Make an effort to embrace all of the things you love about yourself, to address the flaws that you can change, and to feel happy about being the person you are. Work on erasing self-doubt and feeling like you can achieve anything you put your mind to. If you’re the first person to doubt yourself, then anyone you meet will follow you. Hang out with people who make you feel good about yourself instead of putting you down.


Step 2 Develop A Positive Attitude….

Though you may find it nearly impossible to be positive if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working for you, it’s important to remain optimistic as you can. Having a positive attitude helps you see all the good things in your life that you be missing out on because you’re focusing on the negatives. If you catch yourself complaining, try countering your negative comment with two positive ones.


Step 3 Be A Person Of Action….
If you want to be successful in every outlook of your life, then you can’t sit around complaining about all of your failures, moping in bed, or just making excuses for all the reasons you failed. You have to be a person of action. Someone who is willing to do the work and continue to do the work even when the curtains close. First, sit down and make a written plan for the actions you want to take to be successful. Having these items listed out will make you feel much more capable of getting what you want.


Step 4 Don’t Let Anyone Lower Your Self-worth….

It’s easy to feel like giving up if all of the people around you are making you feel like this is the best option. However, you can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to work on letting your self-worth come from within and not letting people make you feel like less of a person. The harsh reality is that it’s a cold world out there, and that most people spend majority of their lives dealing with rejection. Don’t think you’re unique for being rejected so much and focus on changing your attitude to know that regardless of the fact I will remain strong.

Step 5 Seek knowledge….
This is probably the most important step. In order to be success you have to be knowledgeable in what is it you want to achieve. If you want to have a resilient mindset that helps you succeed and not give up, then you have to continue gaining knowledge and learning more about what you want to do in life.  The more you know, the more capable you’ll be to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Be Strong, Remain Confident, & Take Action over your LIFE

Xoxo, Angie

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