Thursday, August 16, 2018

Girls Guide To A… Perfect Girls Night In



Hi Readers,


Are you thinking about planning a girl’s night and have no idea where to start? Well I’m here to share with you all my guide to having the perfect girl’s night in. From snuggling up on the floor under mountains of pillows to crying from laughter as you trade stories about crushes, there’s a fondness that comes to mind when thinking back to your childhood slumber parties. So what perfect way to do this then plan your very own Adult Girls night in with a few of your girlfriends. Let’s be real here, at some point in our adult lives going out just doesn’t seem appealing anymore. However pouring a heavy glass of wine, hanging out at home with your friends, and sharing stories is a whole lot me satisfying.


Here are 5 things you need to have to host the perfect girls night in
all under $50.00!



# 1 Get Cozy in Matching Pajamas

No girls night in is complete without cute pajamas even if your friends aren’t sleeping over, having the perfect loungewear will help you unwind. For my girls night we all wore silk robes. They were comfortable and we were selfie-ready. If you really want to make your girls night memorable pick a theme and ask all your guest to dress the part.


# 2 Tasty Snacks and Finger Food

Create a menu that will satisfy all of your cravings while still keeping things simple. Make sure you include all your girlfriends’ preferences so everyone can enjoy the menu. For my girls night I chose to get DiGiorno dish pizzas, popcorn, and Movie Theater Candy. Always make sure to have a variety of choices throughout the evening.


# 3 Pull Out The Face Mask

What lady doesn’t love a good spa treatment? Face mask are ideal when you are wanting to unwind and feel relaxed. Find the perfect mask that works for not only you but your guest. Get creative and do a DIY clay mask during the night to keep everyone engaged.


#4 Craft Night

Everyone has a crafty friend who’s great at something, so why not take advantage and turn it into a crafty girl’s night activity? Scrap booking, candle making, or mood board creations are all great ideas that can be accomplished in an evening. Just be sure to plan ahead and send out a supply list. Craft supplies can be expensive, but a good place to shop is Dollar Tree or Walmart. Both stores have great crafty pieces that can keep you way under budget. I went to Dollar Tree with my list and picked up so many pieces all under $20!


#5 Don’t Forget The Wine

I saved the best for last. No girl’s night is complete without a bottle of wine to get your girls talking, and enjoying the night. Everyone has a preference to what type of wine they like to drink. So make sure to ask your guest so when you pick up a bottle or two you are catering to everyone’s needs. The best place to shop for wine is the grocery store. The unlimited amount of choices are amazing.

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