Friday, July 6, 2018

 Review on The Hilton Atlanta

Hi Readers,

I hope everyone is having a great day. Today I want to share with you all my experience while staying at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. While many bloggers get paid to stay in hotels for promotion I do not. I want my readers to receive the same treatment as I would. So I am here to share with my readers my honest opinion


I must say if you are traveling to Atlanta by air you will find that the location of the hotel from the airport is conveniently close to one another. I would say without heavy traffic you are looking at 10-15 minutes to arrive at Hilton from Airport. The Hilton is located off of Courtland Street or better known as downtown Atlanta. There are many restaurants in the area, which was great for me because we had the choices to choose from. I would recommend trying Mary Macs or Papi’s Cuban Caribbean Grill.


The room we stayed in was called the King Room. The moment I walked into the room the view outside the window took my breath away. The city view at night will leave you dazed. I would recommend this room if you plan on have at least one extra guest staying with you. The room is spacious with updated features. Your room will be stocked with plenty of towels, face wash, makeup wipes, shower gel, shampoo and other smaller toiletries you might have forgotten. The second favorite part of the King Room was the bed. I am really big on sleeping comfortably during my stay. If the bed doesn’t feel good you should not stay in the hotel.

Bar & Lounge

I must say the bar and lounge area in Hilton Atlanta was very busy with guest in and out every couple of minutes. This can cause delays in getting an elevator to come up or down. With so many people coming in and out the elevators were constantly backed up or moving very slowly. I would recommend leaving your room a few minutes early just to make sure. One person said she waited 15 minutes for an elevator to take her to her room in the hotel. So that’s something to think about when booking your stay. I will say, the drinks were very good. The bartender did an excellent job. He has fast service and good quality.

Overall, I would say The Hilton Atlanta Hotel was great. The room was comfortable, the food was great, and the service was exceptional. I would recommend everyone to come visit this hotel and see for yourself.

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