Wednesday, May 2, 2018

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

Hi Readers,

On Wednesday’s I wear Pink -not that I don’t wear pink any other day, but wearing the color pink makes a statement that gets me through the week. Wednesday is the halfway point to Friday or what most know it as Hump Day. I love to pull out some bright bold pieces that add a statement to my outfit of the day. So why not choose to wear Pink to celebrate “hump day”? In my personal life as well as work, I love wearing colors and encouraging others to do the same thing. Doing so, will sets you up to feel great and look great. People notice the colors more and often times you will get compliments for wearing it.

The Look: Comfort and Style

With this outfit I chose to go for a sporty trendy look. I paired a pair of black jogger pants with a suede pink oversized shirt and topped it off with clear wedge heels and fishnet. I think for me, the two most important things I look for when I am putting an outfit together is, comfortability and stylish. I have to first be comfortable in what I am wearing and second feel stylish and trendy with the entire look.

Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Ego Official
Fishnets: Fashion Nova
Purse: Gucci

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