Monday, April 23, 2018

Step Out Your Comfort Zone:
One Outfit At A Time

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Let’s talk fashion. So it is officially spring season, well at least it feels that way somedays. However, since we are in a new season, this means it’s time to clean out our wardrobe and add some new styles to it. What better way to do so then to step out your comfort zone and change up your look. I have never been the type of person to stick to one style. It’s hard enough to keep up with the trends that change constantly. I can’t imagine being restrained to one style.

First Step: Process of Elimination

     So how does this look? Well the first step you must take to stepping out your comfort zone is to eliminate the items that you no longer wear. There is nothing worse than having old clothes in your closet that have not been worn. Take them out and throw them all away. Trust me, you will feel a lot better after you do so. Now that you have mentally prepared your mind to now take the first step, you are now ready for step two.

Second Step: Be Optimistic
 Let’s just say this step is not as easy as it sounds. Being optimistic in my opinion is allowing yourself to be confident in your decision and trust that your choice is the right one.  So let’s use that in this example. When you are stepping out of your comfort zone you must remember that no matter what you put on, your confidence must stay the same.

Third Step: Confidence is Key

 Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot say this statement enough, confidence is key. No matter what you wear, if you do not feel good in it, you will not look good in it. So when you walk in the room, rocking that new dress, those fierce heels, make sure not to forget to wear your confidence as well. Once you have those three steps down, you are now ready to embrace change and take your wardrobe to the next level.

I decided to take my wardrobe to the next level by wearing pieces that I didn't think I was ready to wear. I use to fit into a size six, but my body has changed since then. Now, with change comes self-doubt. So I decided that for spring I was not going to let self-doubt hold me back. I embraced by new size and found life was a lot easier when I stopped caring what others thought and only cared about how I felt. Only then was I able to step out my comfort zone and embrace change, and never forgetting to bring my confidence with me.

See how I stepped out my comfort zone below. 

Styled By: Angie
Photography: Pyro
Location: Durham, NC

Outfit Details:
Jeans – H&M
Two Piece Crop – Forever 21
Boots – Louis Vuitton
Tote Backpack – Louis Vuitton

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