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   How To Turn Your

Layover Into A




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So I am officially back from my week and a half long vacation and I have a lot to share with you all. While I am recovering from major jet-lag syndrome, I wanted to share with you how to make the most out of those long layovers in the airport while traveling to your final destination. If you are like me, when you are searching for flights, the one thing you want to look for is the best price. I have a saying, “if it makes sense, it’s worth the price”. So with that being said, when I look for flights the price has to match my itinerary.  Sometimes direct flights are the way to go if you have a deadline and need to be at your destination quickly. For me, this was my vacation and I had nothing but time. Traveling international can get quite expensive so you want to make sure you get the most out of your money.  We managed to squeeze not one, not two, but three different locations in while traveling to our destination.


Want to know how we did it? Keep Reading……


            My boyfriend and I planned our yearly vacation this year and wanted to make sure we experienced as much as possible. When we booked our flight, we searched flights before we picked our date. Sometimes when you filter the exact dates, the price tends to jump up a bit. If you search by location first, you will see the prices go down a bit occasionally. So for my trip our final destination was France, we did not filter anything but the location and found so many deals. A lot of the more expensive ones were direct flights, but as I mentioned we have nothing but time. I found two flights that had long lay-over stays. The one that sparked my eye the most had a one full day layover in NY and London, which was perfect for me. I am from NY, but my boyfriend is not so I figured why not make it a trip and show him my city? Also, since our final destination is France, why not have another day to sightsee in UK? We decided to go with this flight because of price and to add to our vacation list of places we both wanted to visit.

         Make the Most out of your Layover…… 

           In the end we had the opportunity to see three very different locations all for a great deal and experience. So when you are thinking about planning your next trip keep this in mind, how much time do you have, is it worth more to go direct or see the world? All these things you will need to consider and more.


      Things to Think About when considering Layover option


So before you purchase your ticket with long layovers, here are some things you need to be sure about prior to booking your flight….    


  1. Check baggage fees for airline
    1. Most international baggage fees are free for the first bag per person 50 pounds or less
    2. Bring a small carry-on bag and store at least one or two nights outfits per person with personal toiletries
  2. Book Hotels close to airport for Layover location
    1. has the best hotels to choose from and you can choose to book now and pay later up to the day of travel.
  3. Download the app for Mobile Boarding for airline(s) you are flying with.
    1. Stay connected and updated on the status of your flights at all times.
    2. Always arrive 2-3 hours prior to departure to ensure you get through customs, if you are traveling international.

Layover in New York

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