Friday, March 23, 2018

Hey readers, welcome back to my blog! A lot has transpired since my last official blog post. First, I just want to stop and thank everyone who decided to click my link! For those of you who have been following me since the very beginning, I want to say thank you for riding with me! You are the real MVP!

I want my first blog post to be all about where I am today and what new things I have in store for you all. I took time off to focus on my career and becoming a better version of me. I spent so much time growing in my career, I kept putting my blog on the back burner. Well, now I am officially back and I have so much to share and post this year.

Where am I now?

I am currently residing in the Cary area. For those who are not familiar with North Carolina, it’s just around the corner from Raleigh, the capital city. I was given an amazing opportunity to work for a company located here called Hoganas, where I am the Material Buyer in Purchasing & Supply Chain. In other words I purchase product/services that are a need for the company, which is based on sales, trends, forecasting, and planning.

As all of you know, I went to school for Merchandise Marketing and Management at The Art Institute of Charlotte. The course of study I chose focused solely around merchandise buying and supply chain. Becoming a buyer was my dream so I put all my time and effort into “making it” in that position. I started off with an internship with a company called Apricot Lane where I worked at as a part-time manager. In order for me to get an internship with the buyer there, I had to prove to the company and to the buyer that I was equipped to do the job. I took on a lot of responsibility at work and made my presence known. After three months of constant overtime, communicating with upper management about my career goals, and volunteering myself to take on projects, I finally got my chance. One day, the buyer was speaking with my store manager about her need for an intern to work a of couple days a week for her. My store manager immediately gave her my name and the rest was history.

                  I worked as an intern assistant buyer for Apricot Lane for six months. While there, I learned how to write a purchase order, communicate with vendors, build excel spreadsheets with pricing tools, everything. A couple months after graduation I applied to the corporate office of the Cato Corporation. This was the headquarters for all Cato brand stores, including Versona and Its Fashion. They were currently hiring for an Assistant Buyer positions and the experience requirements were a Bachelor’s Degree in Merchandising, experience in Supply Chain, and retail experience. I had all of these qualifications and more, including my internship working as an Assistant Buyer!

                  The moral of the story is, two weeks after applying I got a call from the recruiter and, after four interviews, I was offered a position. This goes to show how dedication, consistency, and faith can help you achieve what it is you want in life. Since 2014 I have left Cato, but if it wasn’t for my experience throughout the years, I would not be where I am today!

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